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Hello, I was the person supposed to play your game but my PC is literally a potato and it gives this error when I launch the game:

Out of video memory trying to allocate a rendering resource. Make sure your video card has the minimum required memory, try lowering the resolution and/or closing other applications that are running. Exiting...

Sorry, I tried :/

Don't apologize for this! I should have foreseen this and prepared different quality/resolution options, alas, my inexperience with UE4 kept my attention at other things. Thanks for remembering me about this!

Hey there! can play yor game because Iḿ on a linux distro. Can you make a linux x86_64 executeable? I'm your partner from Comment pact club!

Unfortunately, Unreal Engine doesn't make it easy for producing a Linux distro from a windows machine (in which I developed it). The few resources that there are around that are still in progress and there is not much documentation to help with understanding them. If possible I'll install UE4 in my linux machine and try to produce an appropiate distro.

Ok. I'd love to try your game indeed