A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This small game puts you in the place of an operator of a texting helpline service in a night shift. People will contact you. You will have to try to connect with them and help them in making it through the night.

Version 1.1: Fixed bugs of version 1.0 and added icons.

Version 1.2: Fixed message positions.


Save_them_please_1-2.zip 78 MB


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It's a pretty nice concept for a narrative game. There's this game on mobile, Seen, that is pretty similar to this idea of having a story be told through text messages - except that here you can talk to more than one person. I think it'd be neat if when you shut off your computer, you can keep talking to these people if you've helped them through the night, kind of a continued narrative sorta thing.

The waiting... icon created suspense and was well designed. 

Thank you, it's good to hear that the suspense I wanted to creat has been noticed.

I was talking to Fabian and selected "I can call social services to help you", and then nothing else happened; no more conversation, no new people, no option I could find to call said social services. I assume it was a bug that nothing else happened after that?

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Characters can and will stop talking to you if a certain threshold is crossed. You never know when that happens, so you must be careful.
HOWEVER, the no new people part is definitely an error. Thanks for reporting it! And there's no social services button included, it's implied that you take that action when  you choose it in text.

Still, thanks for playing the game!

Edit: The conversations appear after a random time, perhaps you just didn't wait enough!

I like the idea of this, however when I click a text option, it shows that I said "Button",  and Fabian just says the one phrase "I'm not sure how to begin" on repeat no matter what option I choose. Not sure if this is a bug, or something wrong on my part, but I figured I should let you know anyways :)

Bug dettected! Thank your for that, I shall try to find why it does that!